We did it !

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We would like to thank you all for your support for this event (Flood the Facebook/Twitter).

Although the number of active participants was relatively low, we believe that, to send you messages and inform you all about the ongoing global problem – Climate Change- was the success of our event.

1 Degree Initiative- Nepal (1dI- Nepal) will be organizing various other events in the comming future as well. Hence, we expect a lot from you all.

If you have any ideas or projects in mind or if you need any support from our organization, please do contact us through our mail address ( 1degree.nepal@gmail.com ) or contact any of our members with whom you are in touch with.



Get To Work !

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Hope everyone is effectively working to spread this news about our event; Flood the facebook/Twitter.

Our event is just 4 days later. Hence we shell start to arrange few things and get to work.

Before I list down few steps, let me give you amazing news! Kantipur T.V. will be supporting our event by keeping a slogan; ’Climate Justice Now!’ just below its logo on the day of ‘10-10-10- Global Work Party’. They have already verbally agreed, only few formal procedures are left. Isn’t that great news? Well our team is too much excited to flood the facebook and twitter.

Another great news to share, more then 6000 event are being held on this day all around the world. We are a part of it !! It’s our event. 🙂

OK now, here are few steps to start the preparation:

1) First and foremost step is as usual, SPREAD THE NEWS ABOUT THIS EVENT ! (* More participants, more effective will be the event!)

2) Start taking, searching and collecting pictures related to the effects of climate change. If  you start collecting the pictures now, it will be easy for you to upload those on the event day.

3) Add the concerned authorities, leaders and everyone on facebook and twitter so that we can spread our voice to huge mass of people and we can grab the attention of the leaders and authorities.

These are simple few steps you can follow. If you have any ideas to share so that we can make this event more interesting then you may mail us at 1degree.nepal@gmail.com or may write on the event’s wall.

Lastly, we are still having a bit of trouble to coordinate in twitter. Hence, if any of you are interested, please do send a mail at 1degree.nepal@gmail.com or write on this event’s wall. It would be great to work with you all.

Keep up your work! Good Luck…..

1 Degree Initiative- Nepal (1dI- Nepal)

Want to be a part of the Global Campaign; ‘ 10/10/10- GLOBAL WORK PARTY’ ?

BUT….You wont be able to because:

  • You have a lot of work, exam or school on      the same day?
  • You will be out of city or country?
  • You need to stay at home?
  • Don’t worry…We have the solution…

    Be a part of the GLOBAL CAMPAIGN for CLIMATE JUSTICE just over INTERNET !!!!

    Please go through the following details to know more about ‘FLOOD THE FACEBOOK/TWITTER’; an event being held by 1° Initiative- Nepal.

    Firstly, as a part of ’10/10/10- GLOBAL WORK PARTY’ let us all share this event (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106379216091836)  to all of our facebook and twitter friends.

    RSVP the event at: http://www.350.org/en/flood-facebooktwitter-0

    Then, on 10-10-10 (Oct 10, 2010)

    Let us all Nepalese Facebook and Twitter user flood our page with status as “We’re working–what about you?” and also post it on the walls of Leaders, politicians and government officials asking them to justify.

    Moreover, let us all keep our the profile pictures and wall flooded with pictures of Environmental Hazards pictures and 350 pictures. And also tag these to Leaders, politicians and government officials.


    For Further Details: http://www.350.org/en/flood-facebooktwitter-0

    Organizer: 1° Initiative – Nepal (1DI)

    New Membership Open

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    The application for new members has been open to all the enthusiastic and interested youths willing to join.

    Please send a copy of your CV with the filled application form to 1degree.nepal@gmail.com. No applicants will be selected as member without the CV.

    To download the 1st part of the application form: Application form (part 1) CLICK HERE

    To download the 2nd part of the application form: Application form (part 2)CLICK HERE

    P.S.- Though the form to fill is only in the 1st part. Applicants are strongly recommended to go through the 2nd part also.

    Project # 2 on its way!

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    The 2nd project of 1dI is way on its way!Its a long-term project at an Old Age Home in Koteshwor.We’re basically going to spend time with them for a few months.We plan to learn about their interests and get to know about their stories.We’ll keep you updated with this as we go along! 🙂

    Report of 1dI’s first project in Kathmandu – ‘1˚ of Volunteerism’

    The first project of 1dI’s Branch in Nepal was named “1˚ of Volunteerism”. With 8 members in the team, this project kicked off on 4th of July. This was a month long project/event consisting of various activities for high school students from 7 different high schools in Nepal. The main motive of this project was to promote volunteerism amongst high school students. To give them an incentive, this program was prepared in a competition format where each team was judged according to their leadership, team coordination and punctuality. The winner would be given the tag of the 1st Inter-school community service competition – Champions!

    The weeks were divided as follows:

    Week 1 – Briefing and exchange session with 2 representatives from each high school. This was a very productive session where we talked about various projects that we can carry out. We also discussed on this particular project and its importance. There were 2 presentations made during the session: one by Abhinav, Coordinator of Kathmandu branch, on our first project, second was a presentation on how to build team work and leadership. The session ended with question answers between the members and participants from these high schools.

    Week 2 – Cleaning various areas around Kathmandu City.Kathmandu, as most developing cities, is a dirty place and the streets are terribly managed. Therefore we decided to clean various areas around Kathmandu city. These areas included the Basantpur area – a major tourist hotspot, Maitighar mandala,Guheswori,Pashupatinath,Nag Pokhari,Bhotayeti and Patan area. The youngsters cleaned with much enthusiasm and inspired many members of 1dI itself. At the end of the day, the main reason for this cleaning campaign was to give all these youngsters an idea of how difficult it is to clean than just blaming the ones who clean this everyday. Most students were very excited and wanted to clean again if given a chance.

    Week 3 – Reviewing on the work done in week 2.This was a day when all these youngsters reviewed with their entire team on what they had done the week before. They were asked to do 3 tasks: prepare a presentation on that given area, identifying the problems and suggesting a solution, prepare a small activity based on the idea ‘if the world ended today and only your group survived, how would your group build a new world?’ and finally a song that would promote love and peace in the world. They worked really hard on this week and spent hours preparing the reports and other activities.

    Week 4 – This was the final week of the 1st project. On this day, we invited a youth worker, Mr.Pukar Malla. He’s a person who’s graduated from Swathmore, Silicon Valley and is currently studying in Harvard University. An amazing personality, with quite a charming character. Also in the guest list were the Principals from all the participating high school. The program commenced on 2 Pm sharp with an opening performance by the members of 1dI on the Song “Heal the World” by Micheal Jackson. Following the song, was a welcome speech by the Coordinator of Kathmandu – Abhinav Khanal.After the speech were presentations, drama and songs. Later the winner to this competition was announced and it was Thames College that took the tittle.There were other awards too, like the award for best leader which went to Kundan Pathak of Chelsea International Academy, Best report presentation which went to Rato Bangala School, best drama which also went to Rato Bangala School and best song, which went to Chelsea International Academy.

    This was a brief summary on what happened in the 1st project of 1dI.It was quite a successful project according to most guests, however we did make some mistakes and we learned a lot from our mistakes. We did get some media coverage from three local newspapers – The Himalayan Times, The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur.As this was our first project, we think we were able to stick to the motto of bring small changes by promoting volunteerism amongst some, if not all, students!